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Flames, Hung To Road


​Contemporary Western Dining, Full-Scope Design

Project Brief

Flames Hung To Road in Kwun Tong is the fourth and flagship restaurant by the Flames brand in Hong Kong and the second store designed by Metagram. 

Building off the success of the award-winning Flames restaurant in Whampoa - the design uses a matching palette of sandstone, blackened metal and terrazzo to recreate the atmosphere, now intrinsic to the Flames dining experience. 

This branch is located in the heart of industrial Kwun Tong - Hung To Road, a street store in the recently renovated Skyparc Building (previously Paul Y Centre). 

The design is formal and highly symmetrical, with dynamic seating arrangements set up around a crucifix layout. Central columns in the space, bookended with naturally stained oak floorboards complement the warm color of sandstone expressed on the street facade.  A central three-meter-high fiddle fig forms a central focal point, with a blackened steel halo hovering above - referencing the architecture from the Whampoa store design. 

The store is divided into two zones. The main dining space contains several modes of dining, while a more casual "grill" space faces an open kitchen, and self-serve feature wine cabinet. 

A five-meter wide bifold door opens dramatically to the street, creating an "indoor - outdoor" dining experience so akin to Australian dining settings. 

On the narrow landing externally Metagram has designed custom seating arrangements for late night drinks and refreshments. A line of carefully selected Fiddle Fig and Bird of Paradise shrubs form a semi-shroud, creating a sense of coziness for patrons, in an otherwise very open and exposed store front. 

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