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Golden Star Lobby, Wan Chai


Commercial Office Tower Lobby Refurbishment

Low Budget, Semi-Refurbishment

Interior Design, Facade Design, Lighting Design

Project Brief

Metagram has strategically transformed the lobby of the Golden Star Building, with a contemporary design that would improve, brighten and modernize the entry to this decades old commercial building. 

Given a restrictive budget, Metagram proposed the retention of certain existing elements that would be suitable in an updated design. Amongst these included travertine marble walls and a granite floor, both of which would save significant costs in retention, and be acceptable materials for an improved design. 

Around the marble, Metagram proposed the removal of outdated elements, such as outdated mosaic tiles, a dark timber batten ceiling that darkened the space, and an outdated red-brown granite clad facade exterior. 

The facade face was replaced with curved profile, bronze PVD coated stainless steel panels, and a matching fluted curved bulkhead to match, and to provide both an interesting wall and ceiling design.

Inside the lobby, outdated tiles and mosaics were covered with powder-coated metals and ribs of PVD coated metal to match and link to the facade. A plasterboard ceiling bordered by deep fluted timber cornices draw attention toward a brightly up-lit ceiling. Adjacent to two lift entries, a wall of fluted colour-back glass panels was installed to demarcate a different appearance for the lifts. The doors of the lifts themselves, coated with brushed metallic 3M film. 

A new reception counter was designed to match the finishes of the lobby space, featuring the cream colour-back glass, PVD metal details and new travertine stone to match the older wall travertine. 

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