Harbour City

Completion: 2020

Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Boutique Cafe; Full-Scope Design

The brief of Espresso Alchemy, Harbour City was the design of a cafe in 2 adjacent spaces; one within a traditional tenancy space and the other within an open but vacant mall area. 

Our approach to the designs we have created for the Espresso Alchemy brand has always been entirely site responsive. In this project, we were presented with traditional tenancy with an unusual elongated shape and a bare and open mall area facing a taxi stand underpass. 

In order to connect the two spaces visually we utilised colour and the strong geometric form of the arch. 

The tenancy space was designed around a central linear vaulted dome, which presented a simple geometry to arrange the complex space shape. The tenancy and open mall area shared a regular glass and mullion system within which we added burgundy arches, clearly indicating the connection between the two spaces. The space within the tenancy utilised rich materials to complement its simple form. Cushion tiles, black terrazzo, textured mosaics and a long communal table all would sit below the vaulted dome. 

The arches in the open mall area, had three functions. Firstly, connecting the separated spaces. Secondly, to tie the design intrinsically to the rhythm of the mullions thereby tying it inextricably to the context. And thirdly, providing architectural form and enclosure to an otherwise entirely open space. These arches created a distinct volume from which tables, benches and lights were positioned. 

Finally, fine elastic cord was strung from arch to arch. The cord would subtly echo the form of the vaulted dome within the main tenancy space.