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Natural is Best, The Peak

Natural is Best 自然派, The Peak Galleria, Hong Kong

Concept: Nostalgia / Evolution / Future 

Scope: Full Scope Design

Natural is Best is an established snack food retailer with dozens of stores located throughout Hong Kong and China. Metagram was engaged to design an outlet for a small snack shop space located in the Peak Galleria, Hong Kong.

Metagram proposed a design inspired by the famous Peak Tram, creating a symmetrical design with the distinctive timber framing used in the early tram designs from many decades past. The framing, in an eye-catching brilliant orange - one of the company's corporate colours - incorporates modular shelving and storage, also reminiscent of the windows and paneling of the Peak trams. Finger tiles and a terrazzo style flooring, while not actually specific vintage materials, evoke abstract memories of old Hong Kong. 

The tram reference and carefully selected materials act together to create a feeling of nostalgia but with a forward thinking, contemporary interpretation - a concept synonymous with Natural is Best, a well-established, home-grown brand, selling snacks and treats common place during the childhoods of many Hong Kong raised and for future generations yet to come.

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