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TGR, Causeway Bay


Steakhouse and Bar, Full-Scope Design​, Completed 2023

Project Brief

Metagram has skillfully transformed the interior of TGR (The Grill Room), an esteemed Hong Kong Steakhouse brand, to reflect a new and captivating brand image.

The restaurant is housed in a former cinema with an elongated floorplan and soaring ceilings, offering the ideal setting for an upscale dining experience.

Upon entering the restaurant through one of the building's four lifts, customers are greeted by a gracefully curved wall made of handcrafted decorative concrete blocks. These blocks are delicately washed with floor up-lights, creating a captivating display. Each block features an off-center void, forming a screen-wall that provides glimpses of the diners inside. The raw and irregular appearance of the concrete blocks adds a touch of ruggedness to the otherwise contemporary design, drawing a connection to the grounded and rustic aesthetic of traditional grill-houses.

The main dining area takes the form of a grand-hall dining room, stretching to full height and positioned along a central axis. It comprises three distinct dining zones, each with its own unique atmosphere. The first zone is a highly visible and upscale space, perfect for those who enjoy being seen. The second zone consists of circular booths, creating an intimate setting for close-knit groups or couples on a first date. The third zone is a dynamic and lively casual dining area, energized by the bustling motion of chefs working in the open kitchen.

In addition to the main space, there are several intimate areas branching off from the central axis. These include an upscale private dining room, a side seating area exuding a privé-like ambiance, and a grand bar where patrons can savor the restaurant's signature cocktails.

The bar design serves as the focal point of the space, featuring three towering arches made of hand-formed triple-curve steel. The arches are finished in glossy piano black, which elegantly reflects the dynamic colors produced by RGBW LED light strips. As one moves past the arches, they shimmer and create a visually captivating experience through the interplay of reflections on the black surface, constantly changing depending on the perspective and angle.

The reflective curved piano-black surface introduced by the bar extends as a core material throughout the entire design. Tubular black trim frames adorn each elevation, while the private dining room showcases a wine shelf that creates intriguing reflections within negative space, adding depth to the shelf. The same piano-black finish is also applied to the large oval pendant above the central banquette seating and the pendant above the bar, both of which feature glossy black discs reminiscent of insulation plates found on high-voltage transmission towers. This industrial detail is further echoed in the suspended New-Gothic pendant lights throughout the space, all finished in piano black. The interplay of light and movement on these black surfaces adds a captivating element to the design.

Complementing these striking elements, the remaining materials in the space are chosen for their textural and raw qualities. The grand hall is crowned with a high wall face of taupe-painted cork, while the floor combines youthfully patterned tiles with a mosaic of patterned marble, creating a playful juxtaposition between contemporary and old-school aesthetics. The joinery incorporates a mix of richly painted black veneer with visible grain, oak timber, and rustic green stained veneer, adding further depth and character to the space.

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